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Empty rhetoric

„A written word as well as been said, often proves as be empty and hollow. Not  the words but the deeds are able to open our mind and understand the truth and therewith breathe contents  into the words.“ © Cornelia … Continue reading

Who want`s define what ART is?

„Art is as individual as the varieties of nature. Inexhaustible wealth of  ideas and creativity.“ (c) Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 11.03.2011 Tweet

United Arts

„Who brings the arts in himself own, is full of life.“  © Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 2011 February 7th Tweet

Art, the spice of life

„Art is the spice of life – because it leaves room for creativity and imagination“. (c) Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 2010 December 19th Tweet

Wishful mind

„Agreed to lend art and journalism, to associated these  passions with each other in a voice of expression ….. it is like a combination of all my senses.“   (c) Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 2010 December 7th Tweet

Life is an art

„The true art is the life itself, because who wants to master life, must be an artist.“ © Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 2010 November 25th Tweet

Link of the Arts

„Art is the link of the nations, the informal meeting of the senses, a meeting of wordless conversation and a timeless legacy“„ © Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 2010 October 27th Tweet

ART is a smile of life

„Art is a smile of life, the expression of the soul – and the language of the Interior „ © Cornelia Kerber, Germany, 25th August, 2010 Tweet