NATURES Scaping the Prater, Wien, 03.06. – 11.07.2014, engl.

Scaping the Prater

Opening: Tuesday, June 3 2014, 7 pm

Exhibition until July 11, 2014

Cooperation Project with Landscape Art,
University for Applied Arts Vienna

Curated by
Tony Heywood

Participating artists:
Francesca Aldegani, Alice von Alten, Juliette Barth, Lu Da, Anna Doppler, Linda Eder, Friedrich Engl, Nora Gutwenger, Lisa Kuglitsch, Angelica Lorenzi, Mahsa Mahootchi, Benedikt Meixl,  Wu Pai, Clemens Schneider

Scaping the Prater

For the show ‚Natures‘ students explore the Viennese Prater with the intention to create potentially visionary ’synthetic‘ landscape forms that are more representative of what must be considered a re-natured urban lifestyle. Tony Heywood’s studio focuses on the role that screen-based digital media plays in communicating our experiences of nature and the environment, specifically the current phenomena of vlogging. A new generation of urban dwellers increasingly communicates via disjointed visual narratives within a very collagic and filmic framework, where the exchange of unconnected visual narratives is seen as an acceptable form of visual communication. This has important implications for artists who are seeking in their work innovative ways to reconnect the public to the topic of nature. What is the experience of nature and landscape when encountered in such a distanced and often exaggerated, remixed format? The topic offers to the students an opportunity to engage with this condition within their working methodologies by incorporating digital film making as an active tool. This extension of the parameters of landscape design to include filmic techniques enables the students to rethink the nature/culture dialectic in new ways. This approach also demonstrates the general perspective of Landscape Art, where the urban is seen to fuse with nature as a chimerical hybrid or techno-nature.

Tony Heywood and Tim Richardson are, together with Martha Schwartz and Markus Jatsch, currently visiting professors at the Department of Landscape Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Opening: Di + Mi 13 bis 18 Uhr; Do + Fr 10 bis 15 Uhr

Galerie IG Bildende Kunst
Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12, 1060 Wien, Austria